Indy’s Whip Sell For BIG Bucks

The floating “door” famed for saving Rose in “Titanic” just fetched $718,750 at auction. It would be intriguing if the new owner managed to test whether both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet could fit on it simultaneously.

Director James Cameron previously confirmed that Jack and Rose could fit on the paneling, although both couldn’t survive due to insufficient buoyancy. Notably, it’s actually a piece of wood paneling, not a door.

Despite fierce competition, this item claimed the top spot at the auction. Here’s a rundown of other noteworthy props that garnered substantial sums:

  1. Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones whip from “Temple of Doom”: $525,000
  2. Bill Murray’s red rose bowling ball from “Kingpin”: $350,000
  3. Wayne Knight’s shaving cream can used for smuggling dinosaur embryos in “Jurassic Park”: $250,000
  4. Jack Nicholson’s ax from “The Shining”: $125,000
  5. Tobey Maguire’s black symbiote suit from “Spider-Man 3”: $125,000
  6. Kate Winslet’s chiffon dress from the end of “Titanic”: $125,000

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