To Buy or Not To Buy an Apple Watch

As I was talking with one of my co-workers this week, I told him how much I like my watch and I was trying NOT to buy an Apple watch.  By his reaction, I could tell this is what he thinks I use to keep track of time.

hourglass isolated on white background.

I am fascinated by Apple watches and all of the features they offer.  Some of which even save your life.  We’ve all seen stories of someone’s odd heart rhythm setting off an alarm that told them to contact their doctor only to find they had an issue with their ticker.  That part I love.  I also have an iPhone, iPad, iPod and iDon’tEvenKnowWhatElse.   But when it comes to my watch, I’m hanging onto my Citizen watch.


I had my eye on this watch for about a year as I was getting my pilot’s license.  The watch has a round slide rule that let’s you calculate fuel consumption, time to destination, convert all sorts of numbers, direction and more.  In a way, it’s also sort of a reward for actually passing the written test, a 5 hour oral exam and the check ride with an FAA examiner.  It was a big deal to me.  And when we landed, he said, “Congratulations.  You are a private pilot”.  To which I said, “I am proud to be a new member of the club, …and boy is my wife mad at YOU!”

Watch in Window

The bad part about an elaborate watch like this is all of the steps you have to go through to reset it when something simple like a time change comes around.  The first year I had this watch, I got out the manual, went through the countless steps only to find that one or two steps had failed which threw off everything.  Then with a Google search, I found a guy who was talking about how to change between Daylight and Standard time on a Citizen time piece.  All you have to do is put in on the window ledge overnight and come to check it in the morning.  That’s it.  I’ve been around the radio business for most of my life but didn’t understand the part about there being less radio activity in the middle of the night so the watch had an easier time getting a signal.  …Whatever.

Since it’s trying to get a signal, I thought it might help to lift it above the metal window frame.  Let’s see what’s handy that’s not metal.  Here we go.

Give it a lift

At some point, I know I will make the switch to the high end tech watch, but for now, I still really like my watch.  And yes, it does have the correct time – down to the second – every day of my life and I didn’t have to hit a single button to switch to Daylight time.

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