Vet Your Date With These

Let’s be honest, no matter how old your daughter is she will always be your little girl and you will always be protective of her especially when it comes to dating. However, there is really only a certain age range where you have a say in who your daughter dates, that’s when they are in high school. This is the perfect time to vet your daughter’s date.

Just to be clear, you can still use these tips when your kid is an adult and they are great tips for those actually doing the dating, but for parents it is the teenage years that these will really apply. I mean heck, you were a teen once, would you want your kid to date someone who is like you were as a kid?

Well here is a list of tips from FBI profilers to get a good read on the date, keeping an eye out for any red flags.

Run a Background Check
Ask your daughter for the guy’s name beforehand, then search for him on websites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Any personal profiles or videos that turn up will give you a sense of his personality. Look closely at his favorite movies, books and games. Criminals usually get their ideas in a movie.

Gauge his Dressing Judgment
Is he dressed appropriately for the date? His look should show thought and effort. This is important, because what a person wears reflects his overall level of judgment. Sports jacket, combed hair and cologne; good. Camouflage pants, unwashed hair and body odor; not so good.

Tats and Piercings
Generally, the more visible and in your face these are, the more they represent a cry for attention (or even help). Someone who is demanding ‘Look at me’ may have trouble being sensitive to another person’s needs. To be sure, ask about the meaning of his body art. It’ll provide insight into his character.

Let the Conversation Stop
See how he fills the pause. Beyond obvious red flag references to your daughter’s chest or his old man being in jail, look for a knack of making small talk. Gabbing about current events, sports or the weather, no matter how trite, shows that he’s polite.
Watch his body language. If he folds his arms and moves away, however subtly, he’s resisting what you’re saying.

Check his car as they Drive Away
Is it appropriate for his station in life, or has he overextended himself financially for the sake of being noticed? This indicates the kinds of choices he makes, which may have an effect on the decisions he makes about your daughter. Even more critical, is the vehicle well maintained? If he’s taking care of the car, he’ll generally take care of your daughter. But just in case jot down the license plate number.

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