Virginia is #6 on the Divorce list

This was a surprising statistic to me.  I would guess Virginia to be near the bottom of the list of states where people are getting divorced.  Everyone seems pretty easy-going.  But those who study this stuff say Virginia is #6 on the list of people struggling.  They looked at 300,000 searches around divorce and found Virginia is Googling DIVORCE about 25% more than the average American state.  The research was done by Schmidt & Clark.  

Couple Fighting

In case you are wondering who is ahead of us on the road to Splitsville, Tennessee is #1, followed by Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Michigan.  But the question remains, if you get divorced in Kentucky, are you still cousins?  

While splitting up has become common, it still surprises me how well some people work through it.  Years ago, I was working on a Saturday when a co-worker stopped by the studio.  I asked why he was in on Saturday.  He said, “My wife and my ex-wife are shopping together and I need a place to hang out for a few hours”.   What?   He said they are great friends.  He didn’t get along with his ex at all but his ex-wife and his current wife are buddies.  …Awkward!  But only awkward in my head.  They were fine with it and I’ve learned to just shut up and stay out of it. 

Break up stories make great Country songs so I guess it’s a good thing that we’ll probably never run out of them.  The last couple of years have had some uncommonly clever rhymes in songs about breakups.  A lot of people are wishing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce well and some days it looks like they are going to go the distance and perhaps get married.  But if it does go in the ditch, she may have an even better breakup song coming our way.  I hope they make it.  I got a chance to meet her years ago and she was the most polite, delightful star I’ve ever spent any time with. But I won’t be one of many to jump the gun.  I’m glad to see them having fun together.  That would be tough to have everyone watching your every move.  

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