Virginia – The Side Hustle State?

You probably know someone in your circle who does gig work.  I saw a story this week where someone Googled which states have the most interest in working for companies like DoorDash, Uber or other.  The people at sent out a report this week showing the people of Virginia are in the Top 10 when it comes to states with interest in “gig work”.

I know a few people who pick up extra money driving for DoorDash, Uber-Eats and Lyft.  Most of them really like it.  Great for extra money and they really like meeting people.  Tips come in handy and give you a bit of a boost for a job well done.  Delaware is #1 for work in this line, followed by Colorado, Arizona, Maryland and Georgia.  But Virginia has grown to #10 on the list.


The report says a lot of these drivers like the extra money to replenish their cash supply after the financial beating of Christmas shopping or vacations.  As a side-hustle, it’s good money and usually easy to get hired.  As a primary job, a lot of people like the money and the flexibility.  I know of a law student who works at the courthouse but drives an Uber in his spare time.  In a few years, he may graduate from law school with NO student debt.  Who pulls off that shot?

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