Virginia’s Favorite Holiday Cocktail
Pouring water from bottle into glass on blue background

This week, I saw a story about the Favorite Holiday Cocktails by state.  Christmas Punch is big in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and some others.  Hot Buttered Rum is big in Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Washington.  Here in Virginia, according to those doing the survey, our FAV’ Holiday cocktail is a Cranberry Orange Whiskey Sour.  …OK.  For some reason, Irish Coffee is big in Hawaii.  What?

I’m more of a beer guy but my wife and her friends like to explore exotic cocktails.  Some of the drinks I’ve seen her share over the years have been a big hit.  I remember when she introduced my mother-in-law to Mimosas (Champagne and orange juice).  Let me tell you, the girls at her card club drained a pitcher of Mimosas faster than you can spill it and asked for more.

For years, my wife’s drink of choice was Bacardi Coconut rum with orange pineapple juice.  Those get drained dry in a hurry too.  About 5 years ago, she introduced her friends to a drink that you may want to roll out for your house guests.  Fireball whiskey and spiced apple cider.  (If you can get Trader Joe’s spiced apple cider, I’m told – it’s even better but almost any will do).

Fire flame background

There were more but when I asked my wife, …she couldn’t remember.  I guess they were that good at doing what they were mixed up to do.  I’ll still have a beer.  But trust me on the Fireball and spiced apple cider.

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