Broccoli For WHAT?!?!?!

Um… when did food become more than just something to eat? I guess we can blame TikTok for this.

This is just ridiculous in my opinion.

There’s apparently a beauty hack going viral on TikTok known as “broccoli freckles.”  Basically, you take a broccoli floret out of the fridge, dab the floret end into some makeup and then you “stamp” it onto your face. Some are calling it “the ultimate faux-freckle hack,” because it leaves tiny dots that resemble freckles.

Okay, people are taking these “hacks” too far. First off, I never understood the point of putting fake freckles on your face… just seems like a waste of time to me and doesn’t make much of a difference. Secondly, this is just a waste of a a good floret of broccoli! You are wasting money and what do you even do with it after? Not like you can wash it off and put it back in the fridge to eat later…or at least I hope no one is doing this.

By the way, there are actually things called “Freckle Pens” that do exactly what they say and are like $10. This is just someone trying to go viral for something stupid in my opinion- so please, please, please, let’s keep food as food and makeup as makeup.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


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