Wait, This Is A McDonalds? Yup.

Whenever Holly and I travel we always seek out a McDonalds. No, it’s not for the food (after all we are traveling to get away from the usual and experience the different), but because they are so different elsewhere. We’ve seen some very interesting ones over the years, but this one is the showstopper.

This particular Mickey D’s is in Madrid, Spain. We actually went in and sat for a while just kind of marveling at it, didn’t even eat there! The locals probably thought we were crazy as we wandered around taking it in, oohing and aahing like it was a museum or something.

So, here’s my helpful travel tip, as strange as it may sound: when you play tourist, make it a point to check out a McDonalds. It just might be one of the most impressive things you’ll see on your trip.

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