What “Thing” 51% Of Us Consider Family!

Ok, I understand why we might say this about our beloved pets, but attributing familial status to an inanimate object seems unusual, doesn’t it? Yet, a surprising 51% of Americans consider their car to be “part of the family.” We have such strong emotional bonds with our cars we actually think of them as a family member. Well, we do have to feed it (fuel), take it to the doctor (mechanic), pay for it’s insurance, scold it when it acts up…maybe it does make sense!

Sidenote: the poll revealed that 53% of respondents would opt to keep their current car indefinitely if given the chance. However, the primary motivation behind this sentiment isn’t sentimental; rather, it’s financial.

An overwhelming 80% of participants are determined to prolong the lifespan of their current vehicle as much as possible, largely due to their reluctance to invest in a new one. Here are five additional reasons why they resist replacing it:

  1. It boasts a commendable level of reliability, according to 58% of respondents.
  2. It delivers satisfactory gas mileage, as acknowledged by 45%.
  3. Financial constraints make acquiring a new car unfeasible at the moment, a concern shared by 28%.
  4. Nostalgic experiences such as road trips and family vacations contribute to a sense of attachment, cited by 24%.
  5. A genuine emotional bond with the car influences the decision, as expressed by 22% of respondents.

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