Why Do I Wait? Do You?

Yesterday my low fuel light came on and I did what I always do, ignored it. Didn’t even think twice about gassing up, figured I had just enough gap between the needle and Empty that I could go for a least another day or two. WHY DO I DO THIS? There’s a million ways this could go south, gauge isn’t accurate at that level, could get stuck in traffic and run dry- the list goes on.

I believe it becomes a game between me and the machine. Once started, it’s a contest to see how far I can push it before I have to tap out and fill up. I know it’s not good for the engine, and there’s certainly some laziness involved on my part, but there is no getting away from the challenge once issued.

When your little yellow light comes on, are you a “fill it” or a “let ride kind a person”? I know what I should do, but every time I push the limits because…well, just because.


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