Dancing Like This Makes You Look…OLD?


That’s not my opinion, anyone who has witnessed my efforts at a wedding, party, or club (back in the day) knows it was painful to watch. That said, dancers BEWARE: dance with your hands in the air, and Gen Z will think you’re ancient. The knower of all things, TikTok- has declared it officially uncool to throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care. Dancing with both hands raised is now a telltale sign that you belong in the ancient relics museum of the dance floor. Some brave soul in his mid-30s was out clubbing when a younger woman pointed at him, declaring him an honorary senior citizen because of his go-to move – hands in the air, elbows slightly bent. Apparently, it’s even worse if you add a clap to the mix.

Now that it’s viral, it’s a thing. So, go ahead and dance like nobody’s watching, but if you raise your hands…make sure nobody’s watching!

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