Don’t Like Broccoli…Try This!

I try broccoli several times a year hoping to like the miracle food because it’s so good for you. So far…FAIL. I’m Always trying to find a way I can choke it down and this could be it. Chocolate and broccoli, an unexpected duo! A U.K company Tenderstem, in a whimsical partnership with a chocolate company, has birthed a peculiar creation: “Tender-Choc.” It seems they missed the golden opportunity to dub it “Broc-Choc,” but hey, we’ll roll with it. Now, if you’re like me and the mere thought of broccoli sends shivers down your spine, fear not. Each box of “Tender-Choc” promises nine dark chocolate pieces brimming with a mysterious blend of cream and puréed broccoli.

Perhaps this ingenious concoction is the secret weapon to convert even the staunchest broccoli skeptics into fervent chocolate-infused veggie enthusiasts. Who knows? “Tender-Choc” might just be the bridge to broccoli bliss we never knew we needed! They only made a limited number of boxes, and just people in the U.K. can enter to win them so It may be a while before they show up on store shelves. But when they do…I’m willing to try it!

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