Paintball Home Security System?!?!?

So, apparently, there’s a Kickstarter campaign in the works for a gadget dubbed “PaintCam Eve,” boasting the ability to launch paintballs with “ultra-high precision” at various targets: Intruders, mischievous kids toilet-papering your house, or even a neighbor’s pet.

This smart device incorporates facial recognition technology, allowing you to manually trigger the paintball firing via the accompanying app, or set it to automatic mode. What could possibly go wrong, right?

And brace yourself: It doesn’t stop at paintball pellets; it’s also compatible with cartridges capable of releasing tear gas. Yes, you read that correctly.

Hailing from a startup based in Slovenia, PaintCam Eve’s pricing details remain undisclosed, along with any potential maintenance fees.

Naturally, there’s another significant cost to consider: The lawsuit that’s likely to follow if PaintCam Eve accidentally injures someone or fires at an innocent visitor so not sure how that angle plays out. Still got to give points for thinking outside the box!

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