How Did These Take So Long To Invent?

These brilliant bottles have only been around for like a year!

Really? Shouldn’t they have been around, I don’t know…like forever?

How did something so simple take so long to invent? I’ve just discovered them and It’s kind of a real head-scratcher. The “EZ Squeeze No Mess” dishwashing liquid bottles just mysteriously appeared on the scene like they were hiding in a kitchen witness protection program for years. Maybe they’ve been secretly training in the dishwashing dojos of the Himalayas, mastering the art of staying put and not splattering soap everywhere. It’s almost like they heard our kitchen cries for help and decided to make a surprise cameo just when we’ve finally accepted our sink’s surrender to the suds! So, here’s to the soap that’s fashionably late to the party, but oh-so-clean when it arrives. Cheers to “Dawn’s EZ Squeeze No Mess” bottles!

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