Is It A Spoon Or A Straw? McFlurry Confusion Will End!

McDonald’s is stirring things up in the McFlurry universe, and those big, hollow spoons are making a sneaky exit. Admit it, the first time you tried to sip your McFlurry through that spoon-straw hybrid, it was like joining a secret club with a hidden handshake. The McFlurry spoons, with their mysterious hollow handles, had an exclusive gig – sure they could blend a McFlurry, but the confusion! Was it a straw or a spoon? I can’t be the only one who was wondering, and probably using it wrong right? Well, they’re retiring those quirky big, hollow spoons, not because they want to spare us from the giggles of trying to sip through them but because they’re embracing sustainability.  And those smaller, black spoons that used to play second fiddle for sundaes are finally getting their moment in the spotlight.  No more McFlurry-induced identity crisis…going forward we will know, they are spoons!

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