Product Quest: Bubby’s Pickles

I’m on another Product Quest.  A while back, I was asking everyone to help find Big Red Soda.  I really struck out on that one.  I got notes from Texas, Arkansas and a few other southern states but nothing around here.  I’m still buying them at Mission Barbeque.  (‘LOVE Mission BBQ!)  But buying a bottle or two at a time is going to get expensive.  I got something on Facebook with a PICTURE of Big Red soda saying it was available at Walmart.  No, it’s NOT!  I looked!!!

Pickle source

The latest product to come up empty at our house was Bubby’s pickles.  We had been buying them at Costco but no luck now.  Anyone know where to buy Bubby’s Bread N Butter pickles?  They’re REALLY good.  Especially on burgers fresh off the grill.  The recipe is simple and a lot of people make their own but I don’t have a garden.  The home made ones are often even better than these but for Bubby’s, I’ve lost my dealer and I need a fix.

Pickle Shortage

I read that the name Bread N Butter pickles came from the old days when people were trading jars of pickles to general stores to get the Bread and Butter they needed.  I love ’em!  And the spicier the better.  So, who’s your dealer?  A lot of the home recipe pickle jars have little onion pieces, peppers and other little slices of heaven.  So, hook me up.  Where are you buying yours?  Bubby’s or others.  Grillin’ Season runs year round at our place but even more so now and we need to stock up.

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