Steve & Santa 2023

One Christmas memory sticks out from many years ago, but I remember it clearly.  The thing I wanted most for Christmas that year was a Star Trek utility belt- complete with phaser, communicator, and tricorder!  My parents would allow us to open one gift before we went to Church on Christmas Eve. I chose smartly, after hours of studying each wrapped box from every angle (as well as untold shakings).

Thrilled to have received exactly what I wanted and ready to play with it immediately, my parents said, “not so fast son, you’re not taking those things to church with you”.
Crestfallen like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, I was determined to take at least one piece of Star Trek merch with me.

Somehow I managed to conceal all three in my winter coat, and while it would’ve been too obvious to take any out and play with them during the service… just knowing I had them with me, and anticipating playing with them immediately after that final hymn, was my greatest Christmas victory ever!


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