The Annual Debate: Should Halloween Be Moved?

The great Halloween debate continues, and it’s got people pondering whether we should officially shift it to the last Saturday of October. It’s a yearly conundrum, and the pro-change camp argues that it would be a treat for parents, making trick-or-treating a breeze. After all, we’ve streamlined other holidays – Thanksgiving is forever anchored on the third Thursday in November, and Memorial Day gives us a long weekend as the last Monday in May. But tradition holds strong, with the classic October 31st date as the Halloween staple.

Back in 2018, the Halloween & Costume Association (I didn’t know they existed) rallied support with a petition, racking up over 150,000 signatures. So, while it’s not set in stone, the idea has its charms. If we go down this path, Halloween would fall on the 28th this year, the 26th next year, and the 25th in 2025. But for those who prefer the status quo, the next Saturday Halloween won’t be until 2026, so enjoy that spooky Saturday – it won’t come around again until 2037!

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