Tipping Before You Get Your Food? DoorDash Says Maybe You Should…

DoorDash has initiated a practice of alerting customers who opt not to pre-tip that their food may arrive at a less-than-optimal temperature. If you choose not to tip in advance, your order may be less enticing to delivery drivers, potentially leading to longer wait times for your delivery to be accepted.

In essence, if you’re determined to stand your ground on the no pre-tipping front, be prepared to perch on that hill and savor the frigid embrace of your fries. DoorDash is currently testing a new pop-up notification to notify customers who abstain from pre-tipping. The notification message reads, “Orders with NO TIP might take longer to get delivered . . . are you sure you want to continue? Dashers can choose which orders they want to do. Orders that take longer to be accepted tend to result in slower delivery.”

DoorDash emphasizes that they haven’t altered their internal processes; they’re simply educating customers about the distinction between pre-tipping and tipping after the delivery, which remains an option.

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