Wait, How Much?

Here’s some knowledge to drop at the next holiday party, the latest numbers on how much the 12 days of Christmas really cost. In an annual report that’s as festive as a snowman in a Santa hat, PNC Bank has crunched the numbers on the true cost of living out the extravagant dreams of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Brace yourselves, because this year’s grand total for all the turtle doves, maids-a-milking, and lords-a-leaping comes in at $46,730! That’s up 2.7% from last year.

But wait, there’s more! If you buy the gifts again and again each day like the song says, you’ll be shelling out a whopping $201,000 for 364 gifts! So, if you missed that Black Friday sale on partridges in pear trees, better hop to it before they become the must-have item of the season—after all, nobody wants to be the only one without a partridge come December!


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