Why is toilet paper in my fridge?

Who knew? So a new trend is to store your toilet paper in the fridge, because nothing says “refreshing” like a chilled roll of Charmin, right? It’s like a spa day for your bathroom business! But wait, don’t rush to stash your TP next to the strawberries just yet. While some swear by the moisture-absorbing magic of refrigerated TP, experts are still more likely to endorse a humble box of baking soda. You see, it’s all about keeping your fridge as fresh as a daisy, not about making your restroom visits a chilly adventure.

There is a bonus that nobody is talking about: when you run out and nature calls, you’ll have that emergency roll in the fridge so that could be a win! But let’s get to the bottom of this (see what I did there?) does the frozen TP trick actually work? Well, yes, but not as spectacularly as social media might have you believe. Sure, toilet paper is absorbent, but before you know it…you’ll be thinking about the existential crisis of a soggy roll mingling with your veggies.

Bon appétit!

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